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Terms and Conditions

The Terms And Conditions below are between you, below Customer, and the provider, below MillionPot for the overall usage as well as compliance of conditions, regulations, and instructions where such are expressed (e.g. rules explained for games, competitions, etc.). MillionPot is owned by Functional Games SA registered at Escazú, San Rafael, del peaje de la Autopista Próspero Fernández, 300 metros oeste Edificio Fuentecantos, San José. MillionPot is serviced by Functional Gaming S.A. that hold an international gaming license with domicile in Costa Rica. MillionPot strive to offer enjoyable, fair, and secure entertainment for all customers. It is therefore important that the Customer respect and comply with the Terms And Conditions below. Governing law for Terms And Conditions, presented in various translations at MillionPot is Costa Rican. Should any question arise to what the Terms And Conditions state the English version should be the base for interpretation of Terms And Conditions. Where interpretation is possible for the text herein the spirit of the text will be applicable.

1. Integrity Policy

No personal data of the Customer may be sold or transferred to a third party without Customers acceptance and may only be used within the company group of MillionPot (e.g. a parent company, a subsidiary of parent company, etc.). All rights or obligations may be transferred within the group without notice.

1.1 Personal Data

1. Personal information stated (and/or later altered) at registration 2. IP-Addresses (your unique computer address) at a. Registration b. Payments c. Site access and site interaction 3. Monetary Transactions at, to, and from MillionPot 4. Communications at, and with MillionPot 5. Gaming activity (game logs) 6. Upon request from MillionPot provide proof of identity by means needed. E.g. a copy of a passport or an internationally accepted identity card.

1.2 Security

1. MillionPot will ensure that Customer's data is handled in a secure manner and not be negligent 2. MillionPot will not save data so Customers financial security is at risk a. For example, MillionPot will not save Customers card number's CVS code b. Customer's data will during merchant handling be carried out in a secure manner using the https protocol.

2. General Conditions

The Customer by registering accepts the Terms And Conditions stated herein. Further the Customer must 1. Comply fully with the Terms And Conditions of MillionPot 2. Not be fraudulent a. Towards governing laws for the Terms And Agreement b. The Customers domiciles governing laws c. International laws 3. Be 18 (eighteen) years of age or older and not under a guardian control 4. Accept and follow legislation in your country where you reside in general and pay special attention to your country's gaming laws 5. Not have a gaming addiction 6. Only open one (1) account/membership. Non-compliance will lead to immediate termination of the account/membership plus MillionPot may deduct funds or request compensation for signup bonuses or other cost that customer may have inflicted to MillionPot, (fraudulent behaviour by Customer). 7. Accept And Comply A Termination Of An Account a. After an account has been terminated Customer may not open a new account without the permission from MillionPot. b. MillionPot do not need to give notice of termination of an account. c. MillionPot have the right to withhold funds if fraudulent behaviour is suspected by MillionPot or third party during a investigation. 8. Customer may at any time choose to terminate account/membership at MillionPot and request withdrawal of funds held at MillionPot. Funds may be withheld by MillionPot if illegal or fraudulent behaviour if so suspected as per 2.5 and 2.6.c. 9. Understand how probability gaming work a. Probability is described according to Wikipedia as 'The likelihood or chance that something is the case or that an event will occur'. Probability gaming differs from skill-based games such as sports betting. Statistical tactic for probability gaming can of course be applied. However, the foundation of games at, unless so announced/described at MillionPot are based upon probability using a Random Number Generator (RNG) that take no 'soft' variables or skill into account but rather base numbers, games purchased, the spread of numbers, spread of games, on a mathematical level and skill from the user do not apply for the outcome part from as above mentioned statistical tactic. Probability is based upon statistics and patterns to statistics can be used with various outcome. I.e. all output from the Random Number Generator is at any time based upon a mathematical probability. b. The settings for gaming return (winnings/customer return) is set via numerical data which the system via the Random Number Generator will over a period of time converge towards. This is best explained as comparing the flipping of a coin. Head and Tails have the same probability/likeliness of appearing for each flip. During a lower series of flips there is a greater possibility of not getting an equal number of Heads as Tails. The probability of getting an equal number of heads as Tails increase with the number of flips. In gaming using probability and Random Number Generators payback (winnings/customer return) where e.g. a payback of 80% will be converged towards the more times a game has run, just as with the flipping of a coin as described above. c. Customer understand that probability is random and that Customer may i. not win at all ii. win less than MillionPot the probability is set to d. Customer play at MillionPot at Customer's own risk for all considerable aspects

2.1 Interpeting Game Wins

MillionPot use a certified Random Number Generator and will hence be able to payout the percentage stated per game in a fair and an unbiased manner. MillionPot reserve the right to reclaim inaccurate winnings due to inaccurate settings in MillionPot's system due to human error or/and force majeure. Should a Customer's computer indicate a game win but not MillionPot's system the data at MillionPot system will be used and full disclosure of MillionPot's systems results shall be presented to Customer. Explanation 2.1: MillionPot's system will interact with number of computers and MillionPot cannot guarantee that all computers present the data MillionPot generated by MillionPot's server correctly. For example a client computer may lose Internet connectivity and contact with MillionPot and present data inaccurately.

3. Customer Security, Fees and Transaction Costs

1. MillionPot will at all time take steps to ensure the privacy, security and confidentiality of data about Customer. 2. MillionPot will collect data via cookies (information from Customer's browser) to analyse Customer's site usage in order to improve MillionPot. Such information is strictly used internally. 3. MillionPot has the right to add transaction fees for deposits and withdraws. Any such fees are expressed in the process if/where applicable and should be viewed as an equitable way to allow Customer to bear Customers' costs. Explanation 3: Since all transactions are adherent with merchant costs as a percentage or/and a fixed sum, a customer that carry out many transactions would add greater overall costs for MillionPot that would otherwise have to be divided amongst other customers at MillionPot. All fees are displayed in advance. 4. No interest is awarded for any funds at the Customer's account. 5. The Customer must keep username and password for accessing MillionPot in a secure manner from third parties. MillionPot cannot be held responsible for access of Customers' account by a third person and/or any damage or loss that might be inflict on Customer and Customer's account. I.e. please make sure that you do not save passwords, usernames, etc. and MillionPot recommend that Customer use firewalls, secure the computer with password, use anti-virus and anti-spyware program and keep them up to date. 6. MillionPot will upon closing of Customer's account (initiated either by Customer or MillionPot) pay out the money to the deriving source of payment carried out by Customer, if transaction origin exist, and Customer may not dictate that other accounts, credit cards, etc. should be used. Further, MillionPot may withhold funds if the account has been closed due to an investigation of any sort of fraudulent behaviour. Funds, parts of funds, funds plus punitive funds in access of funds may be confiscated and/or requested if a fraudulent investigation would require so. 7. Customer accept and understand that money wagered (spent) cannot be under no circumstance be refundable. 8. Any complaint Customer might have must be sent to and to the service provider at We kindly ask you to request a receipt of delivery for your security and knowledge that your email has been received. 9. Customer accept that MillionPot send newsletters and maintain other contact about the site and news related to MillionPot.
10. Bonus money can not be withdrawn. Only winnings after a deposit can be withdrawn. Upon a withdrawal all bonus money will be deducted from the player account.

4. Change of Terms and Conditions

MillionPot reserve the right to change Terms And Conditions without notice. Please bookmark this page for future reference.